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Since June 2001 Finishline Auto Repair has been providing expert auto repair in Mission Viejo, California. A complete repair shop, we work on brakes to engines, auto electrical to air conditioning.

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Check engine lights, water pumps, timing belts, alternators, whatever the issue, we can diagnose and estimate the work needed and get you back on the road in no time.

Brakes repair at Finishline Auto Repair

Disc brakes, ABS systems, calipers, and master cylinders. Whether you hear grinding, have a low brake peddle, or have pulsation, we can get it fixed fast.


Oil, coolant, transmission fluid changes are vital. Your car needs to be maintained to keep it reliable and running for years to come, and we can take care of it all while keeping your new car warranty valid.

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Customer focused and quality repairs will save you money and keep you moving

It takes more than a part and a wrench to fix a vehicle. We install parts of the highest quality form the manufacturers who make the factory parts for your vehicle. This way you get the exceptional value & quality.

A quality part by it’s self is not enough to make a quality repair, it also takes experience, the latest repair information and modern diagnostic equipment and we have all three.

Engine repair

Your engine needs to be maintained by changing the oil, replacing spark plugs and adjusting valves all to help it run for many miles and save fuel.

air conditioning

Your air conditioning system is important in the summer and in the winter. It should be serviced every
2 -3 years and we can help with that.


A sound suspension system help you tires to last longer, give a better ride and most importantly help you vehicle to stop in a shorter distance.

Tire Maintenance

Your tires need to be properly inflated, rotated every 5,000 miles and you alignment checked to maximize your investment.

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